LOCATION: Northeast Washington, DC
SCOPE: Concept, strategy, sponsorship procurement, creative direction, interior styling, retail curation, programming

Resource is an art and design library that is lowering the barrier to entry for design information.

In partnership with Gensler, we produced a community space that filled the gap between public libraries and specialty book stores to host inclusive programming and ignite conversation about the importance of design in our daily lives.

With the help of partners Stack Magazines, Lars Müller, Island Press and DC Public Library, we sourced over 400 books and magazines to provide free access to specialty publications in a space open to all.

As a takeaway piece, we created a reading list with books selected and donated by local designers to continue our education and engagement initiatives.

To complement the otherwise non-consumer space, we curated a retail component that sourced pieces locally, creating a platform to support artists and designers in the city.

As part of our community outreach, we invited neighboring Gallaudet University to utilize the space for off-site classes and programming, including a free American Sign Language class open to the public.

Throughout this project, our approach was to:
-Lower the barrier for entry to design information, specifically costly print
-Create a non-consumer space where people can commune freely
-Engage and appeal to the existing community in a time of peak neighborhood change

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